The U.S. Department of Education requires that any U.S. college or university offering online or distance programs to citizens in a state where it is not physically located meet those other states’ requirements to legally offer postsecondary, online education to their residents. The regulations for authorization vary from state to state.

Bridges Graduate School, located in California, is pursuing authorization from many states and can currently offer online programs to students residing in the following U.S. states and territories either through licensure, authorization, or exemption:

Alabama Exempt
Alaska Exempt
Arizona Exempt
Arkansas Exempt
California Authorized
Colorado Exempt
Connecticut Exempt
District of Columbia Exempt
Delaware Exempt
Florida Exempt
Georgia Exempt
Hawaii Exempt
Illinois Exempt
Indiana Exempt
Iowa Exempt
Kansas Exempt
Idaho Exempt
Louisiana Exempt
Mississippi Exempt
Missouri Exempt
Nebraska Exempt
New Jersey Exempt
North Carolina Exempt
Ohio Exempt
Oklahoma Exempt
Pennsylvania Exempt
South Carolina Exempt
Tennessee Exempt
US Virgin Islands Exempt
Vermont Exempt
Washington Exempt
West Virginia Exempt (change pending 07/22)
If you are a U.S. citizen, do not reside in California, and are thinking about enrolling in a Bridges Graduate School program, we urge you to review the regulations regarding authorization of your specific state. If you become a Bridges Graduate School student and subsequently move to a new state, to avoid any interruptions in your enrollment status, you are responsible for ensuring Bridges Graduate School’s program is approved in the new state. Rules and regulations vary by state and could change at any time. All students must update Bridges Graduate School records regarding a change of address especially if moving to a different state.