Doctoral (Ed.D) Program Goals:       

Students in the Doctoral Program (Ed.D.) Program in Twice Exceptional Education, Strength Based Talent Focused Education for Neurodiverse Learners will learn to:     

Practicing Professionals share relevant experiences in meaningful and helpful ways.
  1. Provide a leadership role in celebrating neurodiversity and in promoting positive education in response to the unique needs of neurodiverse learners.
  2. Facilitate a paradigm shift in education from remediation to talent development.
  3. Participate in a multidisciplinary cohort to broaden perspectives and improve educational outcomes for neurodiverse learners.
  4. Engage in and promote evidence-based practices through the application of rigorous methodology.
  5. Link high-quality education research to policy and practice.
  6. Provide leadership in diverse educational contexts by applying advanced theoretical perspectives to problems of practice.
  7. Participate in the development of education policy in the context of the science of neurodiversity and positive education.
  8. Empower a community of professionals to effect broad scale change for institutions serving neurodiverse learners.