Doctoral (Ed.D) Program Goals:       

Students in the Doctoral Program (Ed.D.) Program in Twice Exceptional Education, Strength Based Talent Focused Education for Neurodiverse Learners will learn to:     

Practicing Professionals share relevant experiences in meaningful and helpful ways.
  1. Provide a leadership role in celebrating neurodiversity and in promoting positive education in response to the unique needs of neurodiverse learners.
  2. Facilitate a paradigm shift in education from remediation to talent development.
  3. Participate in a multidisciplinary cohort to broaden perspectives and improve educational outcomes for neurodiverse learners.
  4. Engage in and promote evidence-based practices through the application of rigorous methodology.
  5. Link high-quality education research to policy and practice.
  6. Provide leadership in diverse educational contexts by applying advanced theoretical perspectives to problems of practice.
  7. Participate in the development of education policy in the context of the science of neurodiversity and positive education.
  8. Empower a community of professionals to effect broad scale change for institutions serving neurodiverse learners.

Program Requirements

Plan of Study: Ed.D.

#Course #Course NameCredits
1SEM 710Doctoral Seminar #13
2RES 711Principles of Research Design3
3CDL 511Intro to Cognitively Diverse Minds3
4CDL 612Nature and Needs of Gifted and Talented3
5IEC 511Cognitive Diversity And the Strength-Based, Talent-Focused
6CDL 613Complexities of Twice Exceptionality3
7SEM 720Doctoral Seminar #23
8EXA 800Clinical Practicum3
9IEC 621Foundations of Creativity3
10RES 721Quantitative Methods3
11IEL 733Creating Strength-Based, Talent-Focused Schools3
12RES 722Qualitative Methods3
13CDL 621Social and Emotional Diversity3
14CDL 703 or CDL 731700 level Elective — Choose 1
● Independent Study
● Mindfulness Theory and Its Application to the 2e Student
● Talent Development for Diverse Minds: Programs and
15IEL 731 or IEL 732
IEC 731/CDL 731 or IEL 734
700 level Elective — Choose 1
● Independent Study
● Educational Leadership and Organizational Management
Theory for Dynamic Schools
● Curriculum Leadership
● Talent Development for Diverse Minds: Programs and
● Program Evaluation And Modification
16CAP 991Directed Research Part 1 – Proposal Development (1)3
17EXA 800Internship 3 to 9
18CAP 992Directed Research Part 2: Data Collection and Chapters 1- 3)3
19CAP 993Directed Research Part 3: Data Analysis and Chapters 4-53
20CAP 994Directed Research Part 4: Oral Defense – Paperwork Completion3
21CAP 995Directed Research Part 4: Continuing Registration if needed
Total Minimum Credits60
Graduation Requirements:
Completion of all coursework (Minimum of 60 credits) with a GPA no lower than a 3.0 with no individual course grade lower than a “B-”. Comprehensive Exams passed. Problem of practice – Applied Dissertation completed and defended.